Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog Pimping: The Ethics of Shameless Self-Promotion

I have a scenario for you: Your friend or acquaintance keeps pushing you about coming to their _______ party (insert "candle, jewelry, novelty products, etc."), but you have absolutely zero interest in doing so. These requests may be accompanied by a barrage of Facebook links touting the glories of their wares or services. Furthermore, they have created a page entirely for their "business," but they still post links incessantly on their personal page. Annoying yet?

The question is this: How much is too much when a friend is trying to get you to check out this "cool" thing they're really into? How many times can they mention it before you just want them to "shut up already"? What, if any, limits should folks place on social media promotion from their own page while balancing it with sufficiently ambitious entrepreneurship?

I have been pondering this question at length while trying to grow this blog. My primary reasons for desiring to grow are as follows:

1) To create discussion. I love talking to people in general (online or face-to-face), but I especially love talking to people about fitness, barefoot running, and their spiritual/life journey. These categories make up well over half the substance of the pie chart of my life passions. I just enjoy people.

2) To make a few bucks. I am an affiliate with Xero Shoes: the best huarache makers out there (No bias. No, no - none of that.) Every sale through my site helps support my running habit. It's not much, but it is certainly worth the effort I put in here. Seriously, they are an awesome company well worth checking out.

3) To test out cool new shoes and gear! I get to test the occasional pair of shoes free of charge. Whilest I search for the ultimate in minimalist footwear (Xero Shoes are it during the Summer. Current best cold weather footwear is arguable. Check out my reviews to decide for yourself.), I will continue to test any pair of shoes a company is willing to send me. This is both entertaining and enlightening for me. Plus I enjoy reading shoe reviews from other blogs, so it stands to reason that people like me would like to read them here.

On the one hand, I am very conscientious of how I present my "sales pitch,"which basically amounts to a gentle request to visit this blog. It's usually accompanied with a reason - "If you like "x," then check out what I wrote at this link..." - so it's not just floating out there, an imperative lacking in authority or interest. On the other hand, as my wife has so lovingly informed me, I have been known to overextend and drive people deep into suicidal ideations frustrated apathy. This results as one would expect: people tune me out/ignore my posts - the last thing I want to happen.

This is an area where I could really use some feedback. Post up and let me know what you think.

By the way, make sure you drop by The Clymb to check out their latest deals. Inov8 minimalist and trail footwear is went on ubersale this morning!  /shamelesspluglol

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