Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stuff I'm Super Excited About (Part 2)

Altra is on a roll! In just a couple years, Altra went from a few drawings and ideas (I distinctly remember the drafts of the Adam being posted on Runner's World barefoot/minimalist running forum asking for feedback) to a name synonymous with zero-drop, anatomically-shaped footwear. They even sponsored the Naked Foot 5k series and Crossfit Games last year. In short, the brand has exploded, and the future is looking even brighter - both literally and figuratively (see below).

Perhaps Altra's most distinctive key feature is the toe box - a foot-shaped, super wide shape that allows for maximal toe splay. Even now, there is maybe one other shoe company on the market that offers a full-coverage, non-toe shoe that features this kind of free movement (VIVOBAREFOOT). I find that kind of confusing in light of Altra's remarkable growth and success recently, but flat, zero-drop footbeds definitely caught on. Maybe the spacious, anatomical toe box will be the next big shift in shoe design (New Balance and others are already creeping that way).

Here are a few shots that I scavenged off the web of the new wares: the Altra One (racing flat), and the Altra 3-Sum (Triathlon-targeted racer). I would definitely love to get my hands on a pair for testing, so hopefully I can make that happen and bring the review to you! Enjoy the pics.

Altra One.

Loving the day-glow coloration. Altra began with a very subdued lineup, but you can see that they have left that behind.

The 3-Sum. Looks like a minimalist triathlete's dream!


  1. Love the stuff youre excited for. Great picks, especially the Skora stuff.

    new blog about being a new father and the balance of bring a triathlete/marathoner and a new dad

  2. Thanks for dropping by and checking things out. I can't wait to try out the new Skoras. I have very high hopes considering that they have set the bar very high with their first offering.

    Great blog, too, btw.