Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shoe Preview: Merrell Barefoot Road and "Other" Gloves

I got a chance to fondle the anxiously awaited Merrell Road Gloves this Saturday at the Nashville leg of the Naked Foot 5K. I also got a bit of a surprise when inspecting the Spring 2012 collection - an unnamed shoe I had yet to hear anything about. Check them out:

The Merrell Tent! Yes, that's Jason and Shelly Robillard there to the left affixing their race numbers for the 5K. Notice the never-before-seen (at least by me) shoes hanging to the left and right of the table.
Oh heavenly minimalist shoe sweetness! But what's that there on the back row?
Well, if it isn't the Road Glove! Very subdued looks with the "webby" overlays that invoke the Sonic Glove's styling (imo).
Nice. Yes. Show me more!

Very cool. Much flatter than the Trail Glove, but it looks like the foot-hugging midfoot is still present - at least by outward appearances. The grippy toe grapples remain except on the big toe.
I really dig this shoe.

This shoe caught me off guard. I had never heard anything about it before and meant to ask Jason. I don't know its name, but it seems to be competitively directed at the New Balance Minimus Life (or whatever they wound up calling it).
Most of the sole was foamy eva similar to my old Nike Free 5.0s. Only the ball and heel contact points were rubber. The durability is sacrificed for significantly reduced weight.
Very vent-y. :)
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