Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coming Attractions

Before I get started: Yes, I am painfully aware that Photobucket has made me look like a fool. All my crapped out pics will be fixed in short order. Please bear with me.

I took a bit of an involuntary hiatus from my blog since school went back into session. Being a teacher has its disadvantages to balance out the glorious eight-week Summer vacation.
I got this wicked pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trails and was stoked to hit the dirt with those grippy lugs underfoot. Alas, VIVO sent me the wrong size. Still waiting on the replacement pair. *wringing hands*

To start off my next season of blog posts geared toward the interests of all you barefoot and minimalist folks out there I will be attacking the following topics (not necessarily in order, but pretty close):

- Minimalist Shoe Review: Invisibleshoe FeelTrue Contact
- Personalities of the Barefoot Running Movement
- Minimalist Shoe Review: VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail
- Social Stigma and Barefooting: Should I Care?
- Crosstraining: The Addiction that is Bicycling
- Minimalist Shoe Review: NewBalance Minimus Trail (might be combined with Merrell MBTG review)
- Minimalist Shoe Review: Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove
- Crosstraining: Crossfitting for Complete Amateurs
- Minimalist Running Attire - Shorts Review
- Minimalist Cold Weather Gear Essentials
- Minimalist Shoe Review: Bedrock Sandals

I can't wait to get back into the swing of writing about my favorite past-time activity in the whole world: running, and doing it in the most natural and minimally shod manner possible.

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